Hints and tips

We recommend assembling subsequently: 1. Nozzle heaters – protection against penetration of melt and other foreign bodies or liquids; then install additional zones with mica strips, which have higher resistance to melt damage than ceramic heating strips, which we recommend to install in the next section of the chamber towards the material hopper.

For good transfer of heat energy between the source and heated element, it is advisable to use a heat transfer agent (spray or paste) on the contact surfaces. This ensures good power transmission, longer life and greater heating efficiency. In the case of heating cartridges, this also results in less risk of “freezing” of the cartridge in the bore of the heated element.

In applications where PVC heat treatment occurs, brass cartridges/heating strips cannot be used – they are extremely corrosive due to PVC vapours.


The service life depends on the element heat load, operating time and operating temperature. Also crucial is the efficient transfer of heat from the source to the appliance. Every interface (air, paper,…) that heat energy has to overcome will cause a temperature gradient and reduce power flow from the element to the heated piece. Thus, the contact surfaces must be in contact with each other as much as possible, ideally with a constant force.
Another factor is the operating voltage and its stability. Voltage directly affects heating performance. In an unfavourable configuration, the heating (although short-term) may be overloaded and its life is reduced.

There must always be a technical specification for the production of a heating element, but it is not necessarily always a sketch – our engineers will assist you in creating the required specification. For the production of heating strips (e.g. heater to the tip of the injection moulding machine), it is sufficient to send us the diameter, width, voltage and power. Next, the outlet length and its slope and direction. For more complex heating elements with e.g. openings, we recommend sending us its sketch. We will also welcome the sending of a sample of the heating element, which may be non-functional.

A flat heating element is most suitable for heating plastic moulds. This heating element has different shapes and outlets. It is fastened by means of a pressure cuff or pressure plates. The heating element has a micanite (synthetic mica) or ceramic insulation. It is also possible to use heating cartridges placed in bores in the mould block.

We produce heating cartridges in a wide range of dimensions, both metric and inch. Applies to brass heating cartridges and stainless steel cartridges.
We recommend H8 tolerance when designing and manufacturing heating cartridge openings.
Yes, we also produce this variant. We recommend clamping springs for heating element diameter above 250mm. This ensures optimum body pressure even during thermal expansion during operation.
An opening cannot be additionally created in the already finished heating belt, as the electrical circuit would be broken or a short circuit could occur and the life and health of the operators could be endangered.


Our products are warranted for up to 1 year from the date of receipt.


In the manufacturing process, we follow technological procedures and rules to ensure the production of the highest quality. The production process includes checkpoints that allow us to regulate the production process and thus improve the quality level.


Custom production allows the production of elements with almost any parameters, both geometrical and electrical; it is, therefore, possible to replace the existing heating element with a non-original replacement. You can request a list of affordable type substitutes. Also, you can send us documentation, a photo, or a physical sample and we’ll suggest a solution for you.


Time is money – we normally keep delivery terms at a weekly level. If necessary, the term can be shortened (surcharge) or special delivery terms can be agreed. All activities from the offer, through design, calculation and production are minimized with regard to the speed of the entire order.

We produce a wide range of heating elements. Heating elements are divided into heating strips, heating cartridges and other types.

We produce custom-made heating elements according to your requirements.

We are not limited by a predetermined range, therefore, we respond flexibly to your needs and wishes.

We offer technical advice to help you find the optimal solution

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