Heating elements from a Czech manufacturer and supplier

We are a traditional Czech manufacturer and we have been operating on the market since 1991. We specialize in electric heating elements, which are widely used in many industries.

Order heating elements from us!

  • We provide a 1-year warranty on our heating elements from the date of receipt of the goods
  • We follow technological procedures and rules to ensure the highest quality and durability
  • Custom production with almost any parameters (geometrical and electrical)
  • Delivery dates in weeks, a possibility of express production

We are ready to solve your requirements and wishes to your full satisfaction. We produce custom-made heating elements according to your specifications and requirements.

At the same time, our team of engineers is ready to design a solution or help you with the appropriate application of electric heating elements if you are unsure of the required parameters or need to design a new solution.

Heating elements variations:

  • Heating elements to the jet nozzles (tips) of injection moulding machines
  • Flat and cylindrical heating elements
  • Ceramic and mica heating elements
  • Special heating elements (heating of air and liquids)
  • Stainless steel, brass and ceramic heating cartridges
  • Heating elements on special mica or ceramic carrying elements
  • Heating element accessories (regulation, assemblies including a switchboard, etc.)

It is also possible to supply the heating coils themselves. We sell various kinds of resistance wires and tapes (150 dimensions in stock). We supply heat-resistant conductors, sleeves and cables and other accessories (thermocouples, regulation, heat transfer means, insulation).

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Overview of types of heaters produced


Design of outlet connector terminals

Special applications


Cylindrical Heating Elements

Tubular heating elements


Our products are warranted for up to 1 year from the date of receipt.


In the manufacturing process, we follow technological procedures and rules to ensure the production of the highest quality. The production process includes checkpoints that allow us to regulate the production process and thus improve the quality level.


Custom production allows the production of elements with almost any parameters, both geometrical and electrical; it is, therefore, possible to replace the existing heating element with a non-original replacement. You can request a list of affordable type substitutes. Also, you can send us documentation, a photo, or a physical sample and we’ll suggest a solution for you.


Time is money – we normally keep delivery terms at a weekly level. If necessary, the term can be shortened (surcharge) or special delivery terms can be agreed. All activities from the offer, through design, calculation and production are minimized with regard to the speed of the entire order.

We produce a wide range of heating elements. Heating elements are divided into heating strips, heating cartridges and other types.

We produce custom-made heating elements according to your requirements.

We are not limited by a predetermined range, therefore, we respond flexibly to your needs and wishes.

We offer technical advice to help you find the optimal solution

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